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Katsuo Deep Broth 2kg

Product Name: Katsuo Deep Broth
Main Ingredient : Katsuobushi Extract
Place of Origin : Refer to detail information page
Manufacturer: Chungwoo Food Inc,
Volume : 2kg

Katsuo Deep Broth is a premium deep broth made by selectively using katsuobushi, anchovy, and kelp with different kinds of seafood for you to taste a clean and deep flavors from the soup.

It is used in dishes such as the rice cake soup, dumpling soup, udon, and casserole dishes.

35g are used for 1 serving and since it is liquid, the ratio can be 1 serving of the Katsuo Deep Broth to 15-18 servings of water which the ratio can be adjusted to taste.

How to cook with the Katsuo Deep Breath

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