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Management Philosophy and Goal


Food is life.

We at Chungwoo Food Inc., make a promise and commitment that we will put all of our efforts to make the right food which makes the foundation of life.

We will produce our food with honesty, only using the best ingredients and with an honest mind, to provide the highest quality food that you can trust.


Even the best ingredients will be useless when managed poorly, there is no over-emphasizing when it comes to emphasis on cleanliness.

The food that Chungwoo Food Inc. makes is also eaten by ourselves and our family.

And you trust us in consuming our product.

We will keep our clean promise in all of the production processes.


People may tell you otherwise but food has to be tasty and enjoying tasty food adds energy to a healthy life. We at Chungwoo will put ceaseless effort into development and research for better tasting food. You can leave it to us to bring you a suitable taste to your taste buds

Yearly Sales : 7,700,000,000 Won

Line of Business: Produce and sales of food seasoning(30 different kinds are produced by the main office alone)